Jaz Morris Photography
Bluewater Route and Sefton topo. The route is described at <a href="http://climbnz.org.nz/nz/si/main-divide-of-the-southern-alps/mt-sefton/bluewater-route-to-welcome-pass">http://climbnz.org.nz/nz/si/main-divide-of-the-southern-alps/mt-sefton/bluewater-route-to-welcome-pass</a> and is a well marked, pretty well cut track up through the bush from a large cairn on a terrace at the 600m contour in Scott Creek. From the bush line the track is cut but less well marked as it gains an obvious spur which is followed to around the 1260m mark. Minimal water is available except at the 800m contour and once in the basin below Pts 1800 and 1784. A good bivvy ledge for two people with some water in a muddy/mossy tarn exists at around the 1220m contour on the cut route. If anyone heads up there take flagging tape for the scrub please - this route is a great asset!